Zoning & Subdivision

ATTENTION! Shenandoah County is reviewing and may adopt a new Subdivision Code. An annotated copy can be found here. And the slideshow presentation is here. Watch the presentation here. After review please reach out to Lemuel Hancock or Tyler Hinkle with any questions or comments.

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The Office of Community Development is responsible for administering the zoning and subdivision ordinances of Shenandoah County.


Land in the County falls under different land use zones, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Conservation
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Each zoning category allows certain use ‘by right’, such as farming in Agriculture zoning, and businesses in Industrial zoning. Additionally, other land uses are allowed only by special permit. You can find out which by-right and special uses are allowed in different zoning in the County zoning ordinance . Among other things, the zoning ordinance also specifies how far buildings must be ‘set back’ from the property line.

Subdivision of Land

Any time a parcel of land in the County is legally divided into more than one tract, the process must follow the County subdivision ordinance . There are requirements regarding subdivision timing, the size of parcels, land development, and streets and other utilities.

Zoning Documents:

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