Early Voting in Person/Absentee Voting by Mail


It is the intention of the General Registrar (Director of Elections) and the Shenandoah County Electoral Board to conduct safe, secure, inclusive, and accurate elections.  Our object is for every qualified voter, who wishes to do so, to be able to cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice, for that ballot to be accurately counted, and for the results to be reported promptly.  We will follow the Laws and Policies of the Commonwealth of Virginia and of the U.S. Federal Government.  

We again face as we try to establish safe procedures for voting during a viral epidemic, which may still be present this fall.

Voting Options:

You can vote on Election Day at your regular polling place.    Curbside voting will be available. As you know, however, on General Election days, long lines sometimes develop; sometimes the weather is not good. Moreover, the risks of the coronavirus transmission goes up if there are many people in a confined space.  If you choose another voting procedure, you will ensure that the risk on Election Day is automatically reduced.  To that end, we encourage voters to choose an alternative voting procedure if that best suits their situation.

We particularly encourage qualified voters to vote Early In-Person.  It’s simple. A registered voter simply shows up at the Registrar’s Office and asks to vote.  Your ID is checked, just as at your polling place.  After being properly checked in, you are given a ballot.  You fill it out and process it through the scanner.  Just like at your precinct. This is a very simple, alternative way to vote.  No application, no mailing, and an assurance that it is scanned because you scan it.  You can also vote curbside (from your car)  if you have a disability or are age 65 or older.

You can also vote from home.   You apply for a ballot as discussed below, it is mailed to you, you fill it out and return it by mail. This is the procedure that provides the greatest protection against the coronavirus, both for the voter and for the election officials.  You can also return the ballot to the Registrar’s office and place it in the dropbox for absentee ballots. There will also be drop boxes to receive absentee ballots at the polling places on election day.

As you know, the Election Officers are your friends, neighbors, and relatives.  They are dedicated to doing their job in a straight forward and nonpartisan way.  Absentee ballots by mail are processed by Election Officials who have the same dedication to their jobs and responsibilities as do the other officials.

One way to learn about Election Officers do, is to become one.  You can see for yourself that the job is important and rewarding, although the rewards basically come from participating in the civic process.  If you would like to investigate the possibility, please click on https://shenandoahcountyva.us/voting/work-polls/

Click for details from the VA Dept. of Elections on Early Voting in Person/Absentee Voting by Mail

By clicking on the link below, you can fill out an on-line application to Vote Absentee by Mail.

Applying to Vote Absentee by Mail   

Applying to Vote Absentee By Mail without going on-line:

When and how can I apply for an absentee ballot?

BY MAIL/FAX: Application must be received by the General Registrar by the Tuesday before the election. Please apply early to allow time to receive your ballot and return it by Election Day.

IN PERSON: Please call 540-459-6195 with any questions concerning Absentee Voting.

  • For information on emergency absentee voting (for certain emergency circumstances) until 2:00 P.M. the day before the election, call the Registrar’s office.


Download and complete the Absentee Ballot Application. Click on Voter Forms. Return the completed form to your local registrar’s office.

  • After the registrar processes your application, you will receive your ballot in the mail.
  • Carefully review the instructions to complete and return your ballot to your local registrar by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Mail your Absentee Ballot Application to:

Lisa W. McDonald, General Registrar
600 N. Main St., Suite 103
Woodstock, VA  22664
Can I vote absentee? Yes, if you are a registered voter.
  • You can check the status of a submitted absentee application and the status of an absentee ballot by using this online tool.

How can active duty military, their dependents, and citizens residing overseas apply to vote?

  • Military and overseas voters can find specific voting information on our Military and Overseas page.
  • All absentee application forms can be found on our Voter Forms page.
  • You can check to see if you absentee application was received, your ballot sent or received by going to our online tool.