Technical Review Team

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The Technical Review Team is a set of qualified professionals representing Local, State, and Public Utility offices in order to provide advice and guidelines to potential applicants for Special Use Permits, Rezonings, Site Plans, or other related projects in the County or in one of its six Towns. The offices that are represented on the Technical Review Team include: Dominion Energy, Shenandoah County Building Inspections, Shenandoah County Economic Development & Tourism, Shenandoah County Erosion And Sediment Control, Shenandoah County Fire And Rescue, Shenandoah County Planning & Zoning, Shenandoah County Sanitary Districts, Shenandoah Valley Electric Coop, Virginia Department Of Transportation, Virginia Health Department, Washington Gas, and all six Towns in Shenandoah County when items within the Towns are presented.

If you are interested or need to attend a Technical Review Team meeting prior to submitting an application, please call 540-459-6185 to set an appointment and review the below schedule to determine which meeting is best for you. In order to qualify for a Technical Review Team meeting we require you to submit an Agenda Request Form at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

Technical Review Team Schedule For 2024

Technical Review Team Agenda Request Form

Technical Review Team Mapping Service

Post TRT Meeting Application Forms