Land Sales

When & where is your next tax sale?

Next sale date is TBA; tax sales are typically held on Fridays at Noon at the following location:

Shenandoah County Government Center
Board of Supervisors Meeting Room
600 North Main Street
Woodstock, Virginia 22664

What is the form of payment?

Cash or cashiers checks accepted. Credit cards are not acceptable for payment. 10% is due on the day of the sale.

Do you have a list of properties for upcoming sales?

Individuals interested in future sales can submit their mailing or e-mail address to Jordan Bowman, Esquire, Litten & Sipe, LLP, 410 Neff Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, or at A list of properties for sale will be mailed or e-mailed approximately 3 weeks prior to the auction.

Am I responsible for paying delinquent taxes on properties I purchase?

No. All delinquent taxes are paid from the proceeds of the sale.

What happens on the day of the auction (procedures, etc.)?

The sale works like a typical auction – highest bidder wins the property. The highest bidder must pay 10% of the bid price on the day of the auction.

Is registration required for the auction?

No registration is required.

Is the property free and clear of liens and judgments?

All judgments and liens against the property are released after the sale is confirmed by the court. Again, it is recommended that purchasers have the title to the property reviewed by an attorney or title agency following the auction.

Are there other expenses involved in addition to the purchase price?

At the closing you will pay the remaining 90% due for the property purchased. Purchaser is responsible for all costs associated with any title insurance purchased for the property. Purchaser is also responsible for all costs required for recording the deed for the property and all future real estate taxes on the property; however, all delinquent taxes are paid in full.

Can the property be deeded to my spouse/partner/family member?

Yes, the deed can be written to an individual, husband and wife, or corporation. Purchaser must indicate to the Special Commissioner who will be the owner of the property.

Can the previous owner(s) claim the property after I take ownership?

Previous owner(s) have until the day before the tax auction to pay all delinquent real estate taxes to stop the sale. It is strongly recommended that tax sale purchasers hire an attorney or title agency to check the title of the property and obtain title insurance.

Do I need to be a Virginia resident to purchase real estate?


Do you have a tax sale website?

No, but you may visit the following sites for more information:

Are tax sales advertised?

Yes, there is a tax sale notice published in the Northern Virginia Daily. It is published for 2 consecutive weeks prior to the tax sale. Signs may also be posted on the properties up for sale prior to the auction.

Further questions?


Jordan Bowman, Esquire
(540) 434-5353
410 Neff Avenue
Harrisonburg , VA 22801