FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

I received my tax bill and it still has a vehicle that I got rid of in February (March, April etc.)

Shenandoah County is not a prorating locality. If you owned the vehicle on January 1st of the taxation year, you will owe taxes for the full year. If you purchased a vehicle after January 1st of the taxation year, you will not pay taxes on that vehicle for that tax year.

My tax bill has vehicles/items that I did not own on January 1st, how do I get this corrected?

The Commissioner of Revenue is the assessing office, you may contact them at 540-459-6170.

What is a DMV stop and how do I avoid getting one placed on my account? 

A DMV stop is a collection tool. Once a personal property account becomes delinquent it is subject to a DMV stop.  A DMV stop prohibits the delinquent taxpayer from doing business with a Virginia DMV. There is an additional $55.00 charge placed on the delinquent account ($25.00 DMV stop fee & $30.00 Administrative fee). We encourage taxpayers to pay their taxes in full by the deadlines to avoid a DMV stop collection action. Once a DMV stop is placed, we will not accept personal/business checks for payment.

I need a copy of my deed

Contact the Clerk of the Court @540-459-6150

I am getting ready to file my taxes and can’t find my tax receipts, can I get a copy? 

You may visit our website: https://eservices.shenandoahcountyva.us/applications/trapps/index.htm

And research under “Yearly taxes paid” for personal property you will need to set up a PIN which is done using your social security number.

I paid my delinquent taxes, when will the DMV stop be released? 

DMV stops paid in the office are usually released within ½ hour. Payments made on the County website, by 4:00 p.m., are released the next business day after 10:00 a.m. providing funds are received.

I have property that I no longer want, can I give it to the county?

Shenandoah County does not accept land “donations”. If you no longer wish to own your property, you may sell it on your own. The County will sell property through the Bill In Equity process once taxes become 3 or more years delinquent.

I moved and need to change my address         

Please direct address changes to the assessing office the Commissioner of Revenue

Real estate address changes 540-459-6174

Personal property address changes 540-459-6170 

Why is there a charge to pay by credit/debit card?

Payment by credit/debit card is a convenience. The fee charged is passed on to the taxpayer who wishes to use this form of payment.

Does Shenandoah County publish a delinquent tax list? 

Delinquent real estate and personal property tax lists are periodically posted on the Treasurers webpage. Please check back later.

They are listed by name and base tax due.

How do I report high mileage on my vehicle?

Contact the assessing office – Commissioner of Revenue 540-459-6170.

Does Shenandoah County have tax relief?

Shenandoah County has a tax relief for the elderly and disabled program.


Commissioner of Revenue – 540-459-6174