Shenandoah County Comprehensive Plan 1990

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Shenandoah County Comprehensive Plan 1990

Part I: Inventory And Analysis

Part II: Policies And Plans



Board of Supervisors

Mr. Donald E. Sager, Chairman
Mr. Cletus R. Lindamood
Mr. Henry L. Shirkey
Mr. C. Thomas Sollenberger
Mr. Philip L. Stickley
Mr. J. Eldred Swartz

County Administrator’s Office

Mr. John D. Cutlip, County Administrator

Planning Commission

Mr. E. Phelps Payne, Chairman
Mr. Robert L. Dunn
Mr. Berlyn Fleming
Mr. H. Wayne Holt
Mr. Harry Murray
Mr. Harold Richman
Mr. Donald E. Sager

Commonwealth of Virginia

Office of the Governor
Division of State Planning and Community Affairs

Jeff C. Hu, Project Planner

Adopted by the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors
November 13, 1973