Comprehensive Plan

Attention: For information on the Shenandoah 2045: A Future Together Comprehensive Plan development process, please click here:

The Comprehensive Plan serves as the overarching roadmap for the County’s future and serves to represent the citizens’ vision for tomorrow. The plan covers a wide range of topics from use of private property to allocation of public investment, to other aspects such as employment and waste removal. The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide for the decision makers of Shenandoah County and may be the deciding factor for public hearings regarding land use proposals. While you may not have heard about the Comprehensive Plan, it is extremely important to know how it impacts you and the direction your community intends to go.  Download the full Plan here. **

A hard copy of the Plan is available for review in the Office of Community Development, located at 600 North Main Street, Suite 107, Woodstock, Virginia, during regular business hours. In addition, it is available for review at the Shenandoah County Library in Edinburg and at all library branches.

The current plan will expire in its entirety by 2025, which is why we are working on this new 2045 plan. The current comprehensive plan has continuously been updated thanks to the diligent and caring work by a group of unpaid volunteers known as the Citizen’s Advisory Committee. This organization fills the role that a typical private firm would, and saves Shenandoah County tens of thousands of dollars of tax revenue every year.

There have been three Comprehensive Plans in Shenandoah County’s history. Links to all three are below:

  1. Plan From 1973 To 1990
  2. Plan From 1991 To 2005
  3. Plan From 2005 To 2025
  4. Plan From 2025 To 2045

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Listed below are individual chapters and maps from the Comprehensive Plan. To download a chapter, just click on the chapter title. Pop-ups must be enabled in order to view the chapters below. 

Introduction & Executive Summary **

1. Regional Setting & History **

2. Natural Resources **

3. Land Use  ** *Updated 2014

4. Economy *Updated May 2019

5. Chapter 5 * UPDATED August 2016!

6. Housing

7. Community Facilities **

Chapter 8 * UPDATED August 2016!

9. Growth Management **

10. Implementation **

**= Design Updated 2016 by Garrett T Morgan