Adult & Youth Sports

You may register on-line for any of our youth or adult sports league, however the Adult League Registration Form is required for some leagues.  All adult league teams MUST complete a team roster prior to their first game.

Contact Ben Stine for all of your league or activity questions.

  • Coed Softball Champions
  • Men's 3-on-3 Summer Champs
  • Fritz Electric-Men's Softball Champions
  • Men's Fall Softball Lower Division Champions
  • Harrisonburg Fire Dept-Winner of Gunz N Hoses Softball Tourney
  • Women's Softball Champs
  • Valley Contracting Group-37 & Over Champs
  • Frostbite Softball Champs
  • Copperheads-Men's Basketball Div I Champs
  • Holtzman Oil & Propane-Men's Basketball Div. II Champs
  • MC Dean-Men's Basketball Div. III Champs
  • Women's Basketball Champs
  • Dylan and Gerald-Cornhole Upper bracket Champs
  • Mark and Jake-Cornhole Lower bracket Champs


Men’s Frostbite Softball

  • Details coming soon

37 & Over Men’s Basketball League

  • Details coming soon

Coed Volleyball League

  • Details coming soon


Men’s Softball League

Women’s Softball League

  • Cancelled

Sand Volleyball League

Men’s 3-on-3 Basketball League


Outdoor 3-on-3 Basketball League

  • Register by Sept 9, $50/team, 16+ ages, contact Ben Stine

Men’s Fall Softball League

Co-ed Softball League

Outdoor 4 v 4 Co-ed Volleyball League

  • Register by Sept 18,16+ ages, $100/team, contact Ben Stine

Girl’s Outdoor Volleyball League

  • Register by Sept 9, grades 6-8 & 9-12, $45/player, contact Ben Stine

Boy’s Flag Football League

  • Register by Nov 1, grades 3-5, 6-8 & 9-12, $45/player, contact Ben Stine


Frosty Bags Cornhole League

  • Congrats to Mike and Tanner-upper division champs
  • Congrats to TJ and Dwight-middle division champs
  • Congrats to Terry and Aaron-lower division champs

Shiverin’ Chains Disc Golf League

  • Keep an eye out for the summer league

ICE Bowl Disc Golf Event

  • Thanks for a great event!

Women’s Adult Basketball League

  • Register by Dec 11, 18+ ages, $300/team, contact Ben Stine

Men’s Adult Basketball League

  • Register by Dec 11, 18+ ages, $450/team, contact Ben Stine

Boys & Girls Youth Basketball League

  • Register by Dec 10, practice will start January 2 (as of now).
  • Instructional League-grades 2-3, $35/player
  • College Division-grades 4-5, $45/player
  • WNBA/NBA-grades 6-8, $45/player
  • Coaches needed!
  • All pending on use of indoor gyms
  • These leagues may possibly be PLAYER ATTENDED only. Meaning spectators may not be permitted-time will tell!


  • Will resume when indoor space is available.


  • Will resume when indoor space is available

Shenandoah County Youth Soccer League

Please use the SCSL Registration Form when enrolling for the Spring or Fall soccer leagues.  Reminder that this form is mailed directly to the SCSL, not SCPR!

Shenandoah Valley Youth Football League

CANCELLED for 2020! If you’re looking for youth football information, visit SVYFL for area information including phone numbers, registration dates, and registration locations. All football and cheer programs are run privately, so please contact your area’s league for more information.  This includes New Market/Mt. Jackson, Woodstock/ Edinburg, and Strasburg Youth Football Leagues.

Shenandoah Valley Youth Lacrosse League

Visit their website for more info on registration dates and league info at

Little League Baseball Leagues

New Market/Mt. Jackson Little

Woodstock/Edinburg Little

Strasburg Little