What Can I Recycle?


                              RECYCLE THIS  



 Jugs and Bottles  (gets smaller toward top)

               NO lids or bags please


                                  NOT THAT





 ShenCo Recycles LogoRecyclables Accepted At the Citizen Convenience Sites:

The following materials are accepted for recycling at any of the 15 specially marked collection containers located throughout the County:

Sample recycle materials



  1. Cardboard & Paper: Newspaper, office paper, magazines, cardboard including cereal boxes.
  2. Aluminum: Cans, plates, foil, and smaller items.
  3. Tin/Steel cans: All food cans and containers with tin coating.
  4. Glass: All colors of glass.
  5. Plastic: Only plastic numbers 1 and 2 in bottle or jug form.

Note: Please make sure recyclables are cleaned of food and other contaminants. Discounted recycling bins are available at the Landfill office.


Recyclables Accepted at the County Landfill Only:

The following items are accepted for disposal and recycling only in designated areas at the Landfill property:

Brush, wood products, lumber, or yard waste such as leaves or grass clippings.

Waste automotive products such as used petroleum/oil and antifreeze.

Vehicle batteries and other rechargeable batteries

Larger aluminum products.

Scrap metals of all kinds.

Appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, ranges, washers, and dryers.

Waste tires. Please Note: There is a fee based on size charged for all tires regardless of the source.

Computers, TV’s and other electronics.


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For a copy of our Recycling Guide click here RECYCLING GUIDE 2



We use larger pieces of cardboard in our process of baling recyclables. Any such pieces that could be delivered to our recycling center in the large red barn on the Landfill property would be greatly appreciated.