Landfill Fees


Fees that apply to all:

  • Tires: $1.00 (passenger), $5.00 (truck) and $10.00 (tractor) per tire
  • TV’s and Computer Monitors    $5.00 – Screen size* 20 inches and less    $10.00 – Screen size over 20 inches      *Screen size is measured diagonally
  • Animals:   The cost is $5.00 for under 400 pounds and $10.00 for over 400 pounds. The Landfill accepts dead livestock Monday through Friday, but an appointment for disposal is required.  Please call for an appointment at 984-8573.
  • Stumps larger than a pick-up load: $52.50/ton

Recycling is free

There is no charge for residents and businesses bringing separated recyclables. The Solid Waste Department is able to sell recyclables to reduce our dependence on taxes to operate the landfill.

Residential waste

With the exception of the above items, there is no tipping fee for waste brought by County residents from their homes. If someone is hired to bring residential waste, the regular tipping fees apply (see below).

Fees for Commercial Customers:

The following fees apply to any waste brought to the landfill from a business (or brought to the landfill as part of a paid transaction).

  • Regular Commercial Trash – $54.00 per ton
  • Rough/Construction (large pieces of concrete, rocks, pavement) – $63.00 per ton
  • Rough Wood Waste (stumps) – $63.00 per ton
  • Brush/Wood Waste – $36.00 per ton
  • Town Curbside Pick-Up Services – $43.20 per ton
  • Strictly Recyclables (separated) – NO CHARGE

The landfill is not allowed to accept chemicals, oils, asbestos, infectious medical waste and/or hazardous waste from businesses. Waste from outside of Shenandoah County is also prohibited at all County Solid Waste sites, including the landfill.


Credit Application for Commercial Customers  ShenCo Landfill Account Application_fillable