FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Landfill close?

The landfill hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


Do you take out-of-county trash?

We only take trash that is generated in Shenandoah County.

Is there a charge for my household trash that is brought to the Landfill?

There is no charge to homeowners if they bring their trash to the Landfill for disposal (except tires, animals, TV’s, computer monitors and large stumps). All non-household waste is charged a fee (see below).

What are the landfill dumping fees?

  • Regular Commercial Trash – $54.00 per ton
  • Rough/Construction (large pieces of concrete, rocks, pavement) – $63.00 per ton
  • Rough Wood Waste (stumps) – $63.00 per ton
  • Brush/Wood Waste – $36.00 per ton
  • Town Curbside Pick-Up Services – $43.20
  • Recyclables only (separated) – NO CHARGE

Can I bring tires to the Landfill and how much does it cost?

Yes, we accept tires at the Landfill only, not at the Citizen Convenience Sites.

Passenger – $1.00, Truck – $5.00, Tractor – $10.00

How much does it cost to dispose of dead livestock?

The Landfill accepts dead livestock, but an appointment for disposal is required. Call 540-984-8573 to make an appointment. The cost is $5.00 for under 400 pounds and $10.00 for over 400 pounds. Livestock are only accepted at certain times on weekdays (and not on Saturdays). Livestock may not be disposed of at Citizen Convenience sites.

Can I bring brush and stumps to the Landfill?

There is no charge for the homeowner for brush. Stumps on a pick up truck load are also free. Any stump loads larger than pick up truck load are charged $52.50 per ton. Brush and stumps are accepted at the Landfill but not at the Citizen Convenience Sites.

What do I do with old electronics, batteries, paint, motor oil, and other household chemicals?

These special wastes and household hazardous wastes are not accepted at the compactor sites located throughout the County, but are only accepted at the Landfill.  There are designated locations at the Landfill for these items. When you arrive at the gate, please let us know if you have any items like these and we will direct you where to put them.

Do you take wood ashes?

Yes we do. There are ash cans located at the Landfill and at the Citizen Convenience Sites located throughout the County.

Can I dispose of my old sofa or furniture at the Landfill?

Yes, at the Landfill only. Furniture and other bulky items are not accepted at the Citizen Convenience Sites.

What can I do with the asbestos shingles?

You must call the Landfill office, 984-8573 to dispose of asbestos products.

Do you take Sharps (needles)?https://www.pca.state.mn.us/sites/default/files/styles/primary_840px_wide/public/sharp_bottle.jpg?itok=L84s6VM3

Yes, as long as these procedures are followed:  Needles are placed in a non puncture container, that is taped shut and SHARPS is written on the outside of the container.  Please bring the container to the landfill and take it to the window located at the scales. For more information click on the following link Household_Sharps_Flyer_DEQ_2016

Do you take Medication?

No but the Sheriff’s Office does.  A permanently mounted metal box is located in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office.  If you have used or expired medication (no liquids, sharps or inhalers) deposit them at any time.  No information is taken at the time of the drop off.  This disposal method is preferable to burying the medicine in the landfill, and much better than flushing it down the toilet (fish don’t react well to people medicines).