Industrial Development Authority

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The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of Shenandoah County works in cooperation with Shenandoah County and its Tourism and Economic Development Office to facilitate the development activities within the County including the publicly owned property in the Northern Shenandoah Business Park and Mount Jackson Industrial Park.  They also assist with a variety of financing mechanisms to aid in the location or expansion of industry within the County.   These include a Small Business Loan Program, Industrial Bonds, Housing Bonds, and helping to facilitate to local grants as authorized by the Board of Supervisors.

The IDA is composed of a seven member Board of Directors appointed by the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors for four year terms. (Directors Listed Below)

The IDA does not have their own paid staff but instead works in partnership with the Shenandoah County office of Tourism & Economic Development who may help to fulfill other roles within the IDA such as Secretary and/or Treasurer.  For questions related to the IDA, please contact Mandy Belyea, IDA Treasurer, or Jenna French, IDA Secretary (contact info listed below).


IDA Directors and Staff

Jay Winkfield
IDA Director (Chairman)
(540) 325-3152

Vincent E. Poling
IDA Director (Vice-Chairman)
(540) 465-3569

Mike Funk
IDA Director
(540) 325-5600

District 3- Currently vacant
IDA Director

Michael Koontz
IDA Director
(540) 335-3220

Abby Walters
IDA Director
(540) 335-2582

Beverly Butterfield
IDA DIrector
(540) 335-5396

Mandy Belyea
IDA Treasurer
(540) 459-6165

Jenna French
IDA Secretary and Staff Member
(540) 459-1822