Geographic Information Systems

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the citizens, employees, and agencies of Shenandoah County with quality mapping and geospatial data in an efficient and timely manner. This support shall facilitate the decision making process for all doing business in the County.

Chris Way – GIS Manager


GIS Website


Common Issues and Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing my property:  Shenandoah County does not address vacant land.  The county addresses occupied structures when construction has begun.  The contractor and/or owner will be notified of the new address once the access/driveway and foundation have been mapped with GPS (global positioning system) and GIS.  If the structure is within the limits of a town, the address will likely be provided by that town.  However, the GIS department still maps the structure for emergency response purposes.

Location of plats and surveys:  Deeds and plats are kept by the Clerk of the Circuit Court  540-459-6150.

Parcel data is not a legal instrument:  The parcel data contained in the GIS website is for informational purposes only. This data does not represent a legal description. Shenandoah County assumes no liability for any errors in the data or decisions based on this information. The GIS is ever evolving and a considerable effort is made to update the data on a continuous basis. The octagonal parcels represent parcels with unknown boundaries.  If there is an issue with the boundaries/parcel lines of your property, please provide a survey to help correct the issue.

Shenandoah County GIS does not assign Zip Codes:  The GIS department is responsible for assigning the E911 address (600 North Main Street).  The USPS is responsible for the rest (Woodstock, VA  22664).  Please check with the local post office for any questions related to the place name and zip code.