Become a Part of a Team:

Fire and rescue companies located throughout Shenandoah County are always looking to increase volunteer staffing. This is a great way to support the volunteer system in your community. If you have ever thought about becoming a Firefighter or Emergency Medical Technician, now is your chance! We are looking for people from a wide range of backgrounds.

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A Combination Department

Shenandoah County Department of Fire and Rescue and the Shenandoah County Fire and Rescue Association seek volunteers to support First Responders.

The volunteer branch of SCFR and the Fire and Rescue Association are looking for community members who are interested in providing occasional assistance to first responders. These volunteers would perform mostly non-essential tasks, ranging from administrative assistant duties to supply clerk.

If you have an interest in the fire/rescue service and have a few hours a week to donate, Shenandoah County is looking for you. Please view the listing of volunteer positions and contact our office about volunteering!