Why did you send a fire truck when I called for an ambulance for medical assistance?

Sometimes a fire engine will go to a medical call because it is the closest emergency equipment to you. The engine companies in Shenandoah County have members that have emergency medical technician capabilities, and there may be times that they’ll beat an ambulance to a medical call. Teamwork is essential in emergency situations, and all personnel on the scene of your emergency work as a life-saving unit.

How can I get training announcements sent to me?

Contact SCFR at (540) 459-6167 or email Shannon at swalters@shenandoahcountyva.us and request to be placed on the training announcement mailing list.

How do I become a volunteer with a fire department or rescue squad?

There are 15 volunteer fire departments and rescue squads within Shenandoah County, all of which are looking for new volunteer members. Whether you want to be in the front lines fighting fire or in the back of an ambulance administering care to a patient, there is a spot for you. Just stop by or call Melissa Edmondson, Recruitment and Retention Officer. She’ll be happy to answer your questions.

How can I get hired by your department?

An application can be obtained on the Shenandoah County website at www.shenandoahcountyva.us, filled out and turned into our department. Remember to include a resume and copies of your certifications.

How do I schedule a fire-related educational program?

Contact SCFR at (540) 459-6167 or e-mail swalters@shenandoahcountyva.us

Does SCFR teach CPR or First Aid?

We have a list of CPR/First Aid instructors on our Training page that would be able to teach a class for you or your group.

How do I obtain fire station information for my insurance company?

Contact the Shenandoah County Department of Fire and Rescue at (540) 459-6167 or via email.

Will I get a bill for an ambulance or fire truck that responded to my home?

No.  No Shenandoah County resident will receive a bill for EMS services.