Surface Water I and II

Orkney Springs Fire and Rescue Department
977 Orkney Grade
Basye, VA 22810

Surface Water I and II Class

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When: August 18 from 1800-2200, August 19 from 0800-1600 and August 20 from 0800-1600

Where: Orkney Springs Fire and Rescue Department and Lake Laura 977 Orkney Grade, Basye, VA 22810

Shenandoah County Dept. of Fire and Rescue and Orkney Springs Fire and Rescue will be sponsoring a Surface I and II Course. This 20 hour program includes classroom and practical exercises to cover safety, swim techniques, basic water safety, and hands-on practical evolutions. Class is limited to 24 students.


1.4 Required Student Materials/Equipment/Uniforms

1) PPE

a. Shoes or water boots with adequate soles and closed toes. A pair of old tennis shoes is acceptable.

b. Appropriate bathing suit (Men-shorts consistent with board short or swimming trunks, Ladies- 1 piece-conservative)

c. Dry cloths to change in at the end of each

1.5 Course Pre-requisites

1) Students MUST be 18 years of age

2) Students must be a member in good standing with a recognized fire, EMS, or public safety agency/department to apply to attend.

3) Successful completion of Virginia Department of Fire Programs Introduction to Technical Rescue, Module I & Module II

4) Successful completion of Virginia Department of Fire Programs Surface Water Rescue – Level I You will get this during the course

5) Students shall be psychologically, physically, and medically capable to perform assigned duties and functions at technical search and rescue incidents and perform training exercises in accordance with the NFPA 1500 Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program, Chapter 10-Medical and Physical Requirements.

Technical rescue is psychologically and physically demanding work. Students must be

capable of lifting heavy loads, working at various elevations and operating in potentially

hazardous environments.

Registration: Anyone interested in attending, needs to register with SCFR. Training Registration Formrequired Cost for the course is $25.00.(Re fundable) for Shenandoah County companies Registrations need to be received NO later than August 8, 2017