Certified CPR Instructors

Please contact any of the certified CPR instructors below to find a class or request one.

cpr training

  • Dawn Mantz                   AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor    

540.325.9751          scfr146@yahoo.com

  • Mike Chimento              AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor    

540.481.0681         chimento@shentel.net

  • Richard Funkhouser    ASI CPR/First Aid Instructor     AH&SB and PROCPR CPR/Basic First Aid, Cat & Dog First Aid/CPR

540.975.0438        vol49@shentel.net

  • Teresa Shifflett              AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor    

540.975.1176          tshifflett1932@gmail.com

  • Dinah Watson               AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor    

540.908.7211         compression101@comcast.net

  • Kristi Smith                   AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor    

540.325.6905         smith6km@dukes.jmu.edu

  • Charles Brogan             ASHI CPR/First Aid/Bloodborne pathogen/Emergency o2 Administration 

540.671-6363/540.622.2189     promedtc@gmail.com

  • Sylvia Dorham               AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor

540-933-7987            sdorham@gmail.com

  • Susan Medley                 AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor

540-933-7949             sbmedley140@gmail.com

  • Courtney Cave               AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor

540-335-8521              ffemtyeatts@yahoo.com

  • Summer Ruhling          AHA CPR/First Aid Instructor

540-335-1501     blackandyellow14@gmail.com