Department of Finance

Welcome to the Department of Finance

We beg your pardon as our page is currently under construction.

  • For questions concerning Human Resource or Payroll please email Courtney Barnhart, Accounting Manager, at the email link provided below.
  • For questions in regards to Finance please email Heather Williams, Accounting Technician, at the email link provided below.
  • For questions regarding Accounts Payable please email Sara Hawkins, Finance Generalist, at the provided email below.

FY 2023 Budget Calendar


For Budget Information please use the following link:


To access “Departmental Budget Forms” please use the link provided below:


Our Staff

Amy Dill
Director of Finance
(540) 459-6165

Courtney Barnhart
Accounting Manager
(540) 459-6165

Accounting Technician
(540) 459-6165

Sara Hawkins
Finance Generalist
(540) 459-6165