COVID-19 Recovery Page

Virginia VOSH Temporary Emergency Standards– Virginia became the first state to issue mandatory COVID-19 workplace safety rules that went into affect on July 27, 2020.   No matter the size of the business or the level of exposure risk hazards – very high, high, medium, or lower exposure risk – the ETS imposes several mandatory requirements for all Virginia employers that fall under §§ 16VAC25-60-20 and 16VAC25-60-30Click here to learn more.

Click here to view the Governor’s plans for Phase III .

Please visit the CDC Guidelines for Reopening for guidance on measures you can take when reopening your business to the public.

Guidance on screening and monitoring employees

Click here for downloadable signs you can print for your business encouraging the use of face masks.

Below is a list of recommendations by industry that may be helpful as you begin your plans.


PPE Resources