Business Approvals & Licenses

Contractor License

All contractors performing construction or demolition work in Shenandoah County (except VA Class A) require a Shenandoah County Contractor’s License.  Click here to download the application form.  Completed forms may be mailed or hand-delivered to our office of Community Development.

Business License

No Business License is required for businesses which are located solely in the county and not in one of the towns.  Businesses located within the town limits of one of the towns may be required to have a business license.  Links and contact information to the appropriate towns can be found below.

Town of Edinburg 540-984-8521 Town of Mount Jackson 540-477-2121
Town of New Market 540-740-3432 Town of Strasburg  540-465-9197
Town of Toms Brook 540-436-8000 Town of Woodstock 540-459-3621

Zoning Approvals

Certain business activities (home-based businesses, building construction) may require zoning approvals.  Please see our Zoning and Subdivision page for further information or download our zoning matrix to see a complete list of by-right uses by zoning category within the county.  For businesses locating within town limits, please refer to the zoning ordinance of that respective town.