Circuit Court


Virginia Constitution requires in each county or city a Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. This office is governed by the Code of Virginia.

The Clerk attends all sessions of Criminal Court held, jury trials of all Chancery and Common Law cases, any other court session which the Judge requests his or her presence. This office is the official custodian of all permanently preserved records pertaining to Shenandoah County. Documents permanently preserved include all land transaction such as Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Releases, Assignments, Powers of Attorney; Probating Wills and Qualifying of Fiduciaries, Issuance and filing of Marriage Licenses; Issuing Hunting & Fishing Licenses; prescribing Oaths and Bonds as required by law; maintaining certain Election materials and referendums.

All of the permanent records are microfilmed on a continual basis and are securely stored in the State Library in Richmond, Virginia. All records in the Clerk’s Office are open to the public, with a few exceptions. While the information contained in the files is public, entrance into these files is performed or under the guidance of personnel in the Clerk’s staff.

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