Activities Not Requiring a Permit

*A zoning permit is required for any improvement made to your property even if you are exempt from obtaining a building permit.  Contact the zoning administrator for further information.

108.2 Exemptions from application for permit.

Not with-standing the requirements of Section 108.1, application for a permit and any related inspections shall not be required for the following; however, this section shall not be construed to exempt such activities from other applicable requirements of this code. In addition, when an owner or an owner’s agent requests that a permit be issued for any of the following, then a permit shall be issued and any related inspections shall be required.

1. Installation of wiring and equipment that (i) operates at less than 50 volts, (ii) is for network powered broadband communications systems, or (iii) is exempt under Section 102.3(1), except when any such installations are located in a plenum, penetrate fire rated or smoke protected construction or are a component of any of the following:

1.1. Fire alarm system.

1.2. Fire detection system.

1.3. Fire suppression system.

1.4. Smoke control system.

1.5. Fire protection supervisory system.

1.6. Elevator fire safety control system.

1.7. Access or egress control system or delayed egress locking or latching system.

1.8. Fire damper.

1.9. Door control system.

2. One story detached structures used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses or similar uses, provided the building area does not exceed 256 square feet (23.78 m2) and the structures are not classified as a Group F-1 or H occupancy.

3. Detached prefabricated buildings housing the equipment of a publicly regulated utility service, provided the floor area does not exceed 150 square feet (14 m2).

4. Tents or air-supported structures, or both, that cover an area of 900 square feet (84 m2) or less, including within that area all connecting areas or spaces with a common means of egress or entrance, provided such tents or structures have an occupant load of 50 or less persons.

5. Fences of any height unless required for pedestrian safety as provided for by Section 3306, or used for the barrier for a swimming pool.

6. Concrete or masonry walls, provided such walls do not exceed six feet in height above the finished grade. Ornamental column caps shall not be considered to contribute to the height of the wall and shall be permitted to extend above the six feet height measurement.

7. Retaining walls supporting less than three feet of unbalanced fill that are not constructed for the purpose of impounding Class I, II or III-A liquids or supporting a surcharge other than ordinary unbalanced fill.

8. Swimming pools that have a surface area not greater than 150 square feet (13.95 m2), do not exceed 5,000 gallons (19 000 L) and are less than 24 inches (610 mm) deep.

9. Signs under the conditions in Section H101.2 of Appendix H.

10. Replacement of above-ground existing LP-gas containers of the same capacity in the same location and associated regulators when installed by the serving gas supplier.

11. Flagpoles 30 feet (9144 mm) or less in height.

12. Temporary ramps serving dwelling units in Group R-3 and R-5 occupancies where the height of the entrance served by the ramp is no more than 30 inches (762 mm) above grade.

13. Construction work deemed by the building official to be minor and ordinary and which does not adversely affect public health or general safety.

14. Ordinary repairs that include the following:

14.1. Replacement of windows and doors with windows and doors of similar operation and opening dimensions that do not require changes to the existing framed opening and that are not required to be fire rated in Group R-2 where serving a single dwelling unit and in Groups R-3, R-4 and R-5.

14.2. Replacement of plumbing fixtures and well pumps in all groups without alteration of the water supply and distribution systems, sanitary drainage systems or vent systems.

14.3. Replacement of general use snap switches, dimmer and control switches, 125 volt-15 or 20 ampere receptacles, luminaires (lighting fixtures) and ceiling (paddle) fans in Group R-2 where serving a single dwelling unit and in Groups R-3, R-4 and R-5.

14.4. Replacement of mechanical appliances provided such equipment is not fueled by gas or oil in Group R-2 where serving a single-family dwelling and in Groups R-3, R-4 and R-5.

14.5. Replacement of an unlimited amount of roof covering or siding in Groups R-3, R-4 or R-5 provided the building or structure is not in an area where the design (3 second gust) wind speed is greater than 100 miles per hour (160 km/hr) and re-placement of 100 square feet (9.29 m2) or less of roof covering in all groups and all wind zones.

14.6. Replacement of 100 square feet (9.29 m2) or less of roof decking in Groups R-3, R-4 or R-5 unless the decking to be replaced was required at the time of original construction to be fire retardant treated or protected in some other way to form a fire rated wall termination.

14.7. Installation or replacement of floor finishes in all occupancies.

14.8. Replacement of Class C interior wall or ceiling finishes installed in Groups A, E and I and replacement of all classes of interior wall or ceiling finishes in other groups.

14.9. Installation or replacement of cabinetry or trim.

14.10. Application of paint or wallpaper.

14.11. Other repair work deemed by the build-ing official to be minor and ordinary which does not adversely affect public health or general safety.

15. Crypts, mausoleums, and columbaria structures not exceeding 1500 square feet (139.35 m2) in area if the building or structure is not for occupancy and used solely for the interment of human or animal remains and is not subject to special inspections.


NOTE: Owner is required to complete a ‘Statement for Use of Farm Structure’ and a zoning permit application.

All other activities shall require a permit. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (540) 459-6185.