Special Called Meeting – Board of Supervisors and School Board


            A special-called meeting of the Board of Supervisors and the Shenandoah County School Board was held at 7:00pm in the Board Meeting Room, 600 North Main Street, Woodstock, Virginia, on February 15, 2011.  The following members of the Board of Supervisors were present: Chairman Conrad Helsley, Vice-Chairman Dennis Morris, Steve Baker, David Ferguson, Sharon Baroncelli and Dick Neese.   Others present included County Administrator Doug Walker, Budget Manager Garland Miller and Deputy Clerk Chris Sherman.


School Board members in attendance included Chairman Gary Rutz, Vice-Chairman Richard Koontz, Irvin “Skeeter” Getz, Karen Whetzel, Kathryn Holsinger and Sonya Giersch.  Others present included Superintendent of Schools Dr. Keith Rowland and Director of Finance Jeremy Raley.


Chairman Helsley called the meeting to order at 7:00pm


An invocation was given by School Board Member Sonya Giersch followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Supervisor Morris made a Motion, seconded by Supervisor Neese to Remove Public Comments from the agenda as this meeting is intended for informational purposes only.  The Motion was approved by a vote of 6-0.




  1. 1.       Discussion between the Board of Supervisors and the Shenandoah County  School Board to discuss future uses of the Edinburg School.


Chairman Helsley said that County Administrator Doug Walker and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Keith Rowland will address the audience.


Mr. Walker explained that the presentation is the result of an idea to form a  partnership between the Schools and the County to explore potential future uses of the Old Edinburg School.  He indicated the project as envisioned would  include meeting educational needs of students, creating additional space at Triplett Technical Center, realizing cost  savings and new revenue for the County and preserving a historical building in Shenandoah County.


Dr. Rowland said the primary mission of the proposed project is to establish a Regional Day Treatment Program by partnering with other Counties to provide a central location for special needs students.  He indicated that  currently, Shenandoah County special needs  are transported to many different places outside of the County every school day and yet are still unable to pass the Standards of Learning Tests.  He said that he believes that  if these children could remain in Shenandoah County, the School Division could provide for a  more successful program for the students at a much cheaper cost to the taxpayer.  Dr. Rowland said there would be a positive financial, instructional and community impact to the County and the Public Schools.


Mr. Walker said the financial impact would reduce local money spent each year and generate revenue for Shenandoah County adding that by reducing expenditures the County would save $322,714. In addition, creating a new Regional Day Treatment Program would generate new revenue in the amount of $175,000 for an estimated total t revenue impact of $497,714.00.  He added that the community impact would include the preservation of historical and architectural integrity of the Edinburg School.




Mr. Walker indicated that  the next steps would be let the idea sink in while the County completes an environmental assessment and determine the tax eligibility as this is necessary before moving forward with an estimated project completion date of August 2012.  He said also they would attempt to identify procurement options and select the preferred option. Mr. Walker also acknowledged that there were a number of other stakeholder interests that would need to be considered including the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging, the Historical Society, VECCA and the Boy Scouts that currently use space in the building.


Supervisor Neese asked how many employees would be needed to staff the new regional day treatment program?

Dr. Rowland said approximately seven.


Supervisor Morris asked about the maximum capacity of students the Regional Program could handle.  Dr. Rowland said not more than 60.


Chairman Helsley Thanked Dr. Rowland and Mr. Walker for thinking outside of the box and praised both of them for the concept.  He said discussion would be carried over to the next Board meeting when the public can attend and comment at that time.


Mr. Walker said the PowerPoint will be made available electronically to anyone by contacting County Administration.











With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:02pm





David E. Ferguson, Chairman



Douglas C. Walker, Clerk of the Board