BOS – Regular Work Session


            A monthly Work Session of the Board of Supervisors was held at 6:00pm in the Virginia Cooperative Classroom 600 North Main Street, Woodstock, Virginia, on March 3, 2011.  The following members of the Board of Supervisors were present: Chairman Conrad Helsley, Vice-Chairman Dennis Morris, Steve Baker,  Sharon Baroncelli and Dick Neese.   Others present included County Administrator Doug Walker, Assistant County Administrator Mary Price, Budget Manager Garland Miller and Deputy Clerk Chris Sherman


Others in attendance included Pam Sheets, Director of Parks and Recreation; Sandy Whitesides, Library Director; Brandon Davis, Director of Planning & Zoning; Natalie Wills, Director of Tourism and Marketing;


Mr. Walker discussed the following items during tonight’s Work Session:

  •  Recreation and Cultural with discussion involving Parks and Recreation, the operation of TV Translators and the Library Administration.
  • Community Development with discussion involving Planning and Zoning, Economic Development, Tourism, Gypsy Moth Control and the Virginia Cooperative Extension offices.
  • Public Works including discussion about refuse collection and disposal, the North Fork Wastewater Treatment Plant and General Properties.


OTHER BUSINESS – No other business was discussed.



With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15pm.   







Conrad A. Helsley, Chairman



Douglas C. Walker, Clerk of the Board