Board Meeting

Board Meeting Room
600 North Main Street
Woodstock, VA 22664



March 1, 2018

A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors was held at 4:00 p.m. in the Board Meeting Room, 600 North Main Street, Woodstock, Virginia on March 1, 2018. The following members of the Board of Supervisors were present: Chairman Conrad A. Helsley, Vice Chairman Dick Neese, Steve Baker, Richard Walker, Karl Roulston and Dennis Morris.   Others present included County Administrator Mary T. Price, Assistant County Administrator Evan Vass, Director of Finance Harrison Nicholson, Deputy Clerk Chris Sherman and County Attorney Jason Ham.

Others in attendance included:   Sarona Irvin, Clerk of Circuit Court; Cindy George, Treasurer; Tim Carter, Sheriff and Tim Williams, Fire Chief.

An invocation was given by Pastor Jonathan Fletcher of the Valley Pike Church of Brethren followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Vice Chairman Neese made a Motion, seconded by Supervisor Baker to approve the March 1, 2018 regular meeting agenda with the addition of two citizen appointments to the Consent Agenda.      The Motion was approved by a verbal vote of 6-0 as follows:  Ayes:  Baker, Walker, Roulston, Morris, Neese and Helsley.


  1. Proposed FY19 Budget Discussions with Constitutional Officers.

Chairman Helsley stated that the Commissioner of Revenue requested no additional changes to her budget. He also stated that the Commonwealth Attorney is remaining at level funding.   He asked Clerk of Court, Sarona Irvin to present her requests next.

Ms. Irvin thanked the Facilities Maintenance staff for installing countertop partitions to help with the work flow and serving the public.  She said a new phone system is needed but she has been unable to get price quotes due to working long hours with her staff.  Ms. Irvin said that her staff is beyond their maximum dollar allowance in overtime and cannot physically keep going at this pace.  She said two additional full time and one part time staff members are needed to help cover the increasing workload.  Ms. Irvin indicated space is a problem but hopes when the Sheriff’s office relocates, she may be able to utilize storage space in that vacant area.  She added that security is needed for her staff as they are at risk especially during court sessions.

Chairman Helsley asked Sheriff Tim Carter to present his requests next.

Sheriff Carter said his top priority request is for stipends for those deputies who receive specialized training and certifications.   He also requested increased overtime compensation and asked that the part-time deputy’s hourly wage be increased as only full-time deputies received an increase when they were added to the county pay scale last year.  Additional requests by Sheriff Carter included an additional part-time animal control officer, a narcotics investigator, a self contained breathing apparatus, separate contract for legal services and an unmanned aerial vehicle.                      Cindy George, Treasurer said that she continues to keep her staff certifications current by sending them to continued education classes.  She said that her office also charges a credit card convenience fee for on-line payments but it is considered pass through money as the charges are passed on from the credit card company.

Chairman Helsley suggested the board increase the proposed real estate revenue and the proposed personal property revenue based on the previous year’s actual collections.  He said increasing the budgeted amounts could help reduce the gap and suggested a total $665,000 increase in proposed revenue.  He also suggested increasing the proposed revenue for local sales tax from $3.4 million dollars to $4 million dollars and the motor vehicle license fee to $870,000.  He said we have underestimated by almost $2 million dollars.

PUBLIC COMMENTS (other than matters previously the subject of a public hearing)

Steven Curtis of Edinburg said that he supports Sheriff Tim Carter’s requests. He stated that the board cannot tax us into prosperity and stated that a $10 million dollar increase to the budget is ridiculous.

Kevin Rooney of Maurertown suggested the County research privatizing the 911 call center as other localities have done and saved money.  He also suggested third party inspections for the Code Enforcement office.


            Vice Chairman Neese made a Motion, seconded by Supervisor Baker to approve the consent agenda. The Motion was approved by a verbal vote of 6-0 as follows:

Ayes: Baker, Roulston, Morris, Walker, Neese and Helsley

  1. Consideration of the appointment of Tom Spiggle to the Citizens Advisory Committee on the Comprehensive Plan.
  2. Consideration of Ben Freakley to the Lord Fairfax Community College Board. 

PUBLIC HEARING – No public hearings were scheduled.

SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS – No presentations were scheduled.                       

OLD BUSINESS -No old business was scheduled.

PLANNING COMMISSION ITEMS - No PC items were scheduled. 


  1. Discussion regarding a Resolution designating the appointment of Assistant Fire Marshals.

David A. Ferguson, Fire Marshal explained that this Resolution will give him the authority to appoint Assistant Fire Marshals who could assist him with investigations when he is unable to fulfill his duties.  He said that there are four individuals who are certified to investigate, three of whom are current Fire and Rescue employees and one Volunteer for the Fire and Rescue System.   He said before they are appointed they are required to take an Oath of Office in order to satisfy Virginia State Code  27-36.

Chairman Helsley said that the board would take action on March 27, 2018.               

COUNTY ATTORNEY COMMENTS – Mr. Ham made no comments.           


Supervisor Baker he said he was happy to attend a recent school banquet where several school projects were awarded money from the school’s endowment fund.

Supervisor Walker suggested a review of the current meeting structure.

COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR COMMENTS – No comments were received           

OTHER BUSINESS –No other business was discussed.


With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.



Conrad A. Helsley, Chairman

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Mary T. Price, Clerk of the Board