Board Day Meeting

Board Room
600 North Main Street
Woodstock, VA 22664




June 13, 2017

            A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors was held at 9:00 a.m. in the Board Meeting Room, 600 North Main Street, Woodstock, Virginia on June 13, 2017.  The following members of the Board of Supervisors were present:  Chairman Conrad A. Helsley, Vice Chairman Richard Walker, Steve Baker, Cindy Bailey, Dick Neese and Marsha Shruntz.  Others present included County Administrator Mary T. Price, Assistant County Administrator Evan Vass, Director of Finance Harrison Nicholson, County Attorney Jason Ham and Deputy Clerk Chris Sherman.

Others in attendance included: Director of Tourism Jenna French, Library Director Sandy Whitesides, Director of Parks and Recreation Jered Hoover and Extension Agent Carol Nansel.

An invocation was given by Vice Chairman Walker followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Vice Chairman Walker made a Motion, seconded by Supervisor Bailey to approve the meeting agenda for June 13, 2017.    The Motion passed by a verbal vote of 6-0 as follows:  Ayes:   Baker, Bailey, Neese, Shruntz, Walker and Helsley. 

PUBLIC COMMENTS (On new business agenda items only) – No comments were received.

CONSIDERATION OF CONSENT AGENDA - No items were scheduled for consent.             


Received citizen comments on the proposed Secondary Six-Year Plan for Fiscal Years 2018-2023 in Shenandoah County and on the Secondary System Construction Budget for Fiscal Year 2018.

Ed Carter, VDOT Residency Administrator said that this is the time of year for the annual six year plan as required by the state.  He reported on major projects and said 2018 and 2019 appear to be okay as predicted by revenue but the dollars may fluctuate into 2020 depending on taxes on gas, title fees at the DMV and the amount of federal aid.  He explained that recent legislation passed a bill to do away with secondary formula funding and is converting to using district grant funding.

Chairman Helsley asked how many miles of unpaved roads are in Shenandoah County and Mr. Carter said there are 170 miles of unpaved roads.

Supervisor Shruntz asked if a road still needed maintenance would it be included in this list and Mr. Carter explained that road maintenance comes from a different pool of money.

Supervisor Shruntz asked that the western section of Oranda Road in the Clary Community be added to the priority list as well as Racey Lane.

Supervisor Neese requested S. Middle Road (Rt. 614) near the Rockingham County line be included.

Susan Anderson of 533 S. Middle Road, Timberville said that she and her husband have lived at this address for 27 years and were promised 27 years ago that their road would be improved.  She presented a petition that included 38 signatures and shared photographs of the poor condition of the gravel road.

Tony Durso of 2764 St. Davids Church Road, Fort Valley requested Siberts Road near  St. David Church be made a priority.

Don Fadeley of Oak Ridge Road, Columbia Furnace said that his road is neglected and needs grading.

Joe Winkelman of 2612 Coal Mine Road, Strasburg asked the board to withdraw plans to repair the bridge at Cedar Creek because it would invite more truck traffic as a pass through therefore becoming more of a safety hazard.

Mr. Carter indicated there are no plans by VDOT to repair that bridge.  He said Shenandoah County can go on record against repairing the bridge however, because it is a federally funded project that usually means replacing the bridge or closing the road.

With no further comments the public hearing was closed at 9:44 a.m.


  1. Employee Service Awards

Chairman Helsley presented service awards to the following employees:

James Waybright for 25 years of service with Solid Waste Management.

Jane George for 20 years of service with the Sanitary Districts.

Ron Miller for 20 years of service with the Sanitary Districts.

Melanie Shipe for 15 years of service with Emergency Communications.

Rhonda Weatherholtz for 15 years of service with Emergency Communications.

James “Dallas” Moore for 15 years of service with the County Library.

Sandy Whitesides for 10 years of service with the County Library.

Duane Williams for 15 years of service with General Properties.

Joyce Fadely for 10 years of service with Planning and Zoning.

Cindy Sherman for 10 years of service with the Sanitary District.

  1. Presentation by Joan Comanor, Chair of the Shenandoah Forum introduced Board of Directors in attendance including Dennis Atwood, Seth Coffman and John Adamson. She explained that the forum was created in 2001 to advocate for protection of the county’s rural character, promote a sustainable economy and high quality of life.  She announced that the Forum’s Board of Directors would like to publicly recognize and commend all Shenandoah County Employees for their dedication, professionalism and commitment to public service to the citizens of Shenandoah County.   She presented a framed Certificate of Commendation to County Administrator Mary T. Price and Assistant County Administrator Evan Vass.
  2. Presentation by Mission Critical Partners regarding the Public Safety Radio System Needs Assessment,

Jason Malloy, Director of Emergency Communications explained that a $75,000 grant was used to acquire a needs assessment to help prepare Shenandoah County for the end of life of their emergency radio system.  Mr. Mike Milas, Project Manager with Mission Critical Partners presented an overview of the radio system needs and shared the results in an 80 page report.  This report is available on the County website at

STAFF REPORTS and COMMENTS:   Community Development Division.

  1. Jenna French, Director of Tourism presented information regarding the Fields of Gold program and the economic impact of Agritourism.
  2. Sandy Whitesides, Director of County Library shared an interactive mobile app that digitally combines historical photographs and information and allows the user to take a virtual tour of historical locations in the County. He also introduced Board of Trustee Chairman Ray Willis.

Vice Chairman Walker recognized outgoing Chairman Dick Ryan and thanked him for his service.

  1. Jered Hoover, Director of Parks and Recreation explained how a successful program is created beginning with basic planning. He said instructors are interviewed, fees are adopted, surveys are prepared, locations are secured and advertising and marketing are used.   Mr. Hoover announced the one year anniversary of KidzRec as part of the Parks and Recreation Department.
  2. Carol Nansel, Extension Agent and Susan St. Amand, 4-H Coordinator with Virginia Cooperative Extension shared a presentation and photographs of 4-H day and summer camps that take place in Shenandoah County.
  3. Harrison Nicholson, Director of Finance presented monthly re-appropriations.

Ms. Price announced that the County once again received a Certificate of Achievement from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for their 2016 Audit.            Vice Chairman Walker requested a balance sheet with monthly cash balances be included in future monthly reports so the public can see the County’s cash flow.


  1. Consideration of a vacation of a public right-of-way dedicated to Shenandoah County with the recordation of Valley View Subdivision No. 2, Section One.  

Vice Chairman Walker made a Motion seconded by Supervisor Baker to approve the vacation of the right of way in the Valley View Subdivision. The Motion passed by a roll call vote of 6-0 as follows:

Shruntz            aye                   Neese              aye

Baker               aye                   Bailey              aye

Walker             aye                   Helsley            aye                                                                                                                                                                                      


  1. Consideration of a Resolution adopting the Secondary Six Year Plan for fiscal years 2018-2023 in Shenandoah County and the Secondary System Construction Budget for fiscal year 2018.  

            Supervisor Shruntz made a Motion, seconded by Supervisor Neese to approve the SSYP including Crooked Run and Sibert Road, Oranda Road, Racey Lane and South Middle Road.   The Motion passed by a roll call vote of 6-0 as follows: 

                                    Neese              aye                  Shruntz          aye

                                    Bailey              aye                  Baker              aye

                                    Walker           aye                  Helsley            aye

  1. Discussion of the Shenandoah County Industrial Development Authority’s proposed joint resolution of support for funding an Economic Development Director.

Mr. Vass explained that this discussion is a result of IDA meetings held on May 18 and May 31.

Vice Chairman Walker said that he is disappointed with the current proposal.   He is awaiting the 2016 IDA audit which will include anticipated adjustments.   Mr. Walker suggested a counter proposal to the IDA for the first year asking that they fund 100% of the costs for an Economic Development Director; and during the second year they would split the cost 50/50 with the County; and the third year the IDA would pay 25% and the County would pay the remaining costs.   Mr. Walker questioned the unrestricted funds in the IDA account and criticized the content of the minutes and lack of reports.

Mr. Vass said that this reinforces the need for a staff member which could follow through with public procurement and maintain continuity and communication with the board and IDA.

Chairman Helsley said that this suggestion can be referred back to the IDA for their thoughts.

Vice Chairman Walker said that he preferred a Motion and Supervisor Bailey made a second.

Mr. Vass said that a general consensus by the board would suffice and follow up discussion could occur with the IDA at a subsequent meeting.

Mr. Ham indicated a Motion to amend the agenda for action would be needed.

Vice Chairman Walker stated that a Motion would show the IDA that we are serious and committed to the idea of an Economic Development Director.

Supervisor Shruntz said let the record show that Chairman Helsley is hesitant and/or refusing to recognize Mr. Walker’s Motion.

Mr. Ham said it would be more practical to amend the agenda requesting action on this item.

Vice Chairman Walker made a Motion seconded by Supervisor Bailey to allow action on the IDA resolution.  The Motion failed by a roll call vote of 3-3 as follows:

Bailey              aye                   Baker               nay

Shruntz            aye                   Neese              nay

Walker             aye                   Helsley            nay

  1. Consideration of an appointment to the Shenandoah County Department of Social Services Board.  

            Supervisor Bailey made a Motion, seconded by Supervisor Shruntz to appoint Frances Bowman to the DSS Board. 

Chairman Helsley provided background per the Virginia State Code requirement that every County has no less than 3 members and no more than 5 members serving on the DSS Board of Directors and that one member can serve two terms.  He said that the term held by Dennis Morris as a citizen representative will expire on June 30 and Mr. Morris has agreed to serve the second term.  Chairman Helsley indicated with only 4 members currently serving, the BOS could appoint Ms. Bowman to the vacant position as well as re-appoint Mr. Morris.

Vice Chairman Walker argued that the VA State Code states that a citizen cannot serve more than two consecutive terms and that Mr. Morris and Chairman Helsley have served for the last twelve years therefore making Mr. Morris ineligible for reappointment.

Chairman Helsley indicated that the rules also state that if the member of the DSS board is serving as the elected official then the two term rule does not apply.

Vice Chairman Walker accused Chairman Helsley of recasting the rules as nowhere in the rules does it differentiate between a normal appointment and a local government appointment. He said that we have had the same people calling the shots for too long and it is time for fresh community input.

Supervisor Bailey emphasized that the request is to consider one appointment not two appointments.

            The Motion to appoint Ms. Frances Bowman failed by a roll call vote of 3-3 as follows:

Neese              nay                  Baker               nay

Bailey              aye                   Shruntz            aye

Walker             aye                   Helsley            nay

PUBLIC COMMENTS ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS (and other matters not previously the subject of a public hearing at this meeting) – No comments were received.

COUNTY ATTORNEY COMMENTS - There were no comments by Mr. Ham.


            Supervisor Shruntz thanked Pat Felling, Director of Solid Waste Management and his team of Tourism and Community Development for the postcard mailing to the citizens of Shenandoah County encouraging recycling.

Supervisor Baker acknowledged recent State Track Team honors to the 4x4 Relay Team of Stonewall Jackson High School and to the Varsity Baseball Team for making it to the State play offs.

Vice Chairman Walker presented his reasoning for insisting on a Motion early in the meeting stating regarding the IDA, it was because at the April 18 Work Session he stated he requested further discussion regarding the RSW Salary increases.  However the County Administrator and Chairman of the Board voted in favor of the increases at the RSW Authority Board meeting without discussion by our board and provided no effect of what the overall salary increase would have on the existing scale or the RSW and county budget.  Mr. Walker stated that we have a deep state of obstruction in our own County similar to Washington D.C.


            Ms. Price thanked members of Shenandoah Forum Joan Comanor, Seth Coffman and John Adamson for the recognition of the County Employees.

Mr. Vass announced that the kick off meeting for the Strategic Fire and Rescue Committee has been scheduled for Sunday July 9.

OTHER BUSINESS - No other business was discussed. 


Vice Chairman Walker made a Motion, seconded by Supervisor Shruntz to enter into Closed Session at 12:45 p.m.  in accordance with §2.2-3711(A) (7) of the state code to consult with legal counsel and be briefed by staff members or consultants pertaining to probable litigation, where such consultation or briefing in open meeting would adversely affect the negotiating or litigating posture of the public body; and consultation with legal counsel regarding specific legal matters requiring the provision of legal advice by such counsel.  The subject matter is a challenge to the recent rezoning performed at the request of the Broadway Group, LLC and to enter into Closed Session in accordance with §2.2-3711 (A) (3) of the state code to discuss the acquisition of real property for a public purpose, where discussion in an open meeting would adversely affect the bargaining position or negotiating strategy of the county.  The subject matter is possible replacement of the Strasburg and St. Luke Convenience Sites.

            The Motion to enter into closed session was approved by a voice vote of 6-0 as follows:  Ayes:  Baker, Bailey, Shruntz, Neese, Walker and Helsley. 

            Supervisor Baker made a Motion, seconded by Supervisor Shruntz to return to regular session at 1:26 p.m. The Motion passed by a verbal vote of 6-0 as follows: 

Ayes:  Baker, Shruntz, Neese, Bailey, Walker and Helsley.

Mr. Vass read the certification that all members must certify that to the best of each member’s knowledge (i) only public business matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirement, under The Virginia Freedom of Information Act and (ii) only such public business matters as were identified in the motion by which the closed meeting was convened were heard, discussed or considered in the meeting of the public body.

Members were polled to certify that only those matters identified in the above Code Section was discussed.

Bailey              aye                  Helsley            aye

Baker               aye                   Shruntz            aye

Neese              aye                   Walker             aye

With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 1:28 p.m.



Conrad A. Helsley, Chairman

ATTEST:  __________________________

Mary T. Price, Clerk of the Board