Committee Assignments

2023 Committee Assignments

Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors

  2023 COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS              

Effective January 24, 2023

Agricultural & Forestal District Comm.

Steve Baker                                                                        1st Monday in December annually and

                                                                                                other meetings as needed.


Community Policy & Management Team

Brad Pollack                                                                         Monthly Meetings/1st Wednesday – 9:00am

Evan Vass, alternate


Conservation Easement Authority                              

Josh Stephens                                                                       Bi-Monthly meetings/2nd Wednesday – 5:00pm


Library Board of Trustees                                             

Dennis Morris                                                                       2nd Tuesday Feb, May, Aug, November – 6:00 pm



Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission

Steve Baker                                                                         Monthly Meetings/3rd Thursday -5:00pm

Dennis Morris


Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Tim Taylor                                       Quarterly Meetings /3rd Wednesday – 7:00pm

                                                                                                Jan, Apr, Aug, Oct                                              

People, Inc.

TBD                                                                                       Bi-Monthly Meeting/3rd Wednesday – 6:00pm.


Planning Commission

Dennis Morris                                                                    Monthly Meeting/1st Thursday – 7:00pm


RSW Regional Jail Authority                                    

Steve Baker                                                                          Bi-Monthly Meetings/4th Thursday – 2:00pm


Social Services Board

Tim Taylor                                                         Monthly Meeting/4th Friday – 9:00am


Tourism Advisory Council

Karl Roulston                                                   Monthly Meeting/3rdTuesday – 12 Noon


Town and County Steering Committee

Steve Baker                                                                          As Needed


Water Resources Advisory Committee

Brad Pollack                                                   Quarterly meetings/2nd Wednesday – 5:00pm





***Meeting Dates and Times are subject to change***