Commonwealth’s Attorney

The Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of felony, misdemeanor and traffic cases in Shenandoah County, Virginia.

If you have a question regarding a pending case, please contact us at (540) 459-6129.

If you have information regarding the commission of a crime or if you are a victim of a crime which has not yet been investigated by a law enforcement agency, please contact either the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Department, your town police department or the Virginia State Police, depending upon the location where the crime was committed.

This will ensure the proper investigation of your case before it is referred to our office for prosecution. If you have already obtained a warrant through a magistrate for a violation of Virginia law, please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your case or to schedule an appointment with the appropriate attorney.

Please refer to our links for information on the Victim/Witness Program, Attorneys for the Commonwealth, case scheduling and docket information, and other sites of interest including police departments, other law enforcement agencies and local government.

Amanda M. Wiseley, Commonwealth Attorney


Angie Pool
Administrative Assistant

Emily Lichliter
Office Assistant