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AFD Fact Sheet
Application to Join Existing District

Landowners throughout the County have made the commitment to keep their land in farming or forestry by joining the Ag & Forestal District (AFD) program. In this program, a landowner voluntarily commits to keeping their land in agricultural or forestry production for ten years. There are 18 Agricultural & Forestal Districts in the County with over 39,000 acres enrolled. This is a voluntary program.

Landowners enrolled in the program forego the option to subdivide and develop the tracts during this 10-year period. In exchange, those areas are protected as “right to farm” regions, with protection against government interference in their farming and forestry operations and other benefits.

Currently, the following 2 AFD’s are up for renewal in 2019 by the Board of Supervisors:

  • Cedar Springs District
  • New Market District

During the renewal period, landowners with parcels currently enrolled in a district can renew, add to, or remove their parcels without special consideration. This is also an excellent opportunity for landowners to enroll their land in a district for the first time. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming public meetings near the Cedar Springs area and New Market area (date TBD).

The State Code provides details about the program, for more information see:

Contact the Community Development Office at 540-459-6185 or 459-6204 to discuss your options as a landowner and learn more about the program.

Upcoming Meetings

Date/Time Event
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Agriculture and Forestal District Committee Meeting
Board Conference Room, Woodstock VA


Shenandoah County Agricultural and Forestal District

 Informational Sessions

The Shenandoah County Community Development Department is hosting two informational sessions in October of 2018 by the Agricultural & Forestal District Advisory Committee to help landowners learn more about the Agricultural and Forestal District Program (the “AFD Program”). Shenandoah County (the “County”) has over 43,000 acres enrolled in the AFD Program, located in 19 Districts throughout the County. Currently, the following two Agricultural and Forestal Districts (“AFDs”) are scheduled for review of their 10-year terms in 2019:

Cedar Spring Agricultural & Forestal District

New Market Agricultural & Forestal District

Landowners voluntarily enroll their parcels in AFDs. AFDs are reviewed after a set number of years as defined in each AFDs’ individual ordinance (typically, 10 years). During the review process, landowners can continue their enrollment, request to enroll for the first time, or request to add or withdraw land from the AFDs. The informational sessions will be an excellent opportunity for interested landowners to learn more about this program and consider enrolling their land in an AFD for the first time. Each session will cover the same topics. Additionally, Planning & Zoning staff will be available to answer questions about the program.

The informational sessions will be:


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

4:00 pm– 6:30 pm

Lebanon Church Community Center

43 Post Office Road

Lebanon Church, VA 22641

Thursday, October 25, 2018

4:00 pm– 6:30 pm

New Market Town Hall

9418 John Sevier Road

New Market, VA 22844

If you are interested but unable to attend either of the informational sessions, information is also available in the County Planning & Zoning Department located at 600 N. Main Street, Suite 107, Woodstock, VA 22664 or call Jill Jefferson at 540-459-6185.


AFD Program Summary Presentation


Our Staff

Jill Jefferson
County Planner
(540) 459-6185