Request for Proposal for ERP Consulting Services

County of Shenandoah

600 North Main Street, Suite 102

Woodstock, Virginia 22664




Notice is hereby given that the County of Shenandoah (County) invites written proposals from qualified offerors to perform Shenandoah County Request for Proposal (RFP) for ERP Consulting Services. Proposals will be received in the Office of the County Administrator, Attention: Deputy County Administrator, 600 North Main Street, Suite 102, Woodstock, Virginia 22664 until 2:00 pm prevailing time on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. Proposals shall be clearly marked “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting Services”. The proposal shall be signed by an authorized offeror or representative and made in accordance with the Request for Proposal. To receive a complete Request for Proposal, contact 540.459.6165 or visit the County’s website at and view “Requests for Proposals” under the “Businesses” heading. Shenandoah County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive informalities or irregularities when deemed to be in the best interest of the County. The County of Shenandoah does not discriminate against a bidder or offeror on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, faith-based organization or any other basis prohibited by state or federal law relating to discrimination in employment.


Proposals must be made in accordance with the Request for Proposal, which is available for inspection at the County offices and made a part of this notice as though fully set forth herein.