NEWS RELEASE – Stoney Creek Sanitary District – Basye, VA – Water Conservation Request


For Immediate release
September 8, 2020

Media Contact: Patrick Felling, Director of Public Services

Basye, VA – Water Conservation Measures Requested of Stoney Creek Sanitary District Water Customers.

Voluntarily water conservation efforts are requested of public water supply customers of the Stoney Creek Sanitary District in the Basye/Bryce area of Shenandoah County. An underground water well has experienced a series of mechanical problems associated with its main pump, which has temporarily reduced the production of water supplied to the area.

The Stoney Creek Sanitary District provides water and sewer service to the region. “This pump problem occurred in our largest water supply well over Labor Day weekend,” said Patrick Felling, Director of Public Services for Shenandoah County. “The beautiful weather brought many visitors to the area, which made the situation even more challenging to maintain water to our customers. Our crews have been working around the clock to address the situation, and will do so until the problem is fixed.”

Until the problem is resolved, customers are asked to reduce their water use whenever possible. Common ways users can conserve water include:
• Delay watering shrubs and lawns
• Postpone washing vehicles
• Only wash full loads of clothes and dishes
• Take showers instead of baths, and take shorter showers than usual
• Use a broom or rake to clean off sidewalks and driveways instead of water
• Check faucets and pipes for leaks, and repair if leaking
Customers may notice fluctuations in water pressure during this time. Once the well pumping issue is resolved, customers will be notified that they may resume normal water use. Thank you for your cooperation.

Stoney Creek Sanitary District serves approximately 1500 customers in the Basye/Bryce area of Shenandoah County, and supplies up to 250,000 gallons per day of drinking water.