Public River Access

06 -River


·        Strasburg Town Park- One of the most family/kid friendly accesses in the Shenandoah Valley. A huge gravel parking lot with porto-potties lies next to the river and a concrete boat launch for canoes, kayaks and very shallow drafting aluminum boats.

·        Deer Rapids- A new Game Department gravel lot and gravel boat ramp was built in 2011 when the bridge was replaced. This is a great launching point for the float down to the Strasburg Town Park 5.6 miles downstream


snowy dam pic

Bernshire Dam near Woodstock

·        Famers Mill- Off Headley Road (600) turn onto Ridgeley Road which soon follows the edge of the river. You’ll see several gravel pull-offs along the way until you see a larger drop off and pull off right before the road turns away from the river. That’s where most people hand launch or retreive boats.

·        Burnshire Bridge- The parking spot and the trail to the river is on the Woodstock side of the river on the downstream side of the bridge. A tight and steep rocky trail along the edge of the bridge is suitable for wading access and small hand carried boats or canoes.

·        Hollingsworth Road- There is a small gravel parking lot at the elbow in the road just before Rte 609 (Hollingsworth Road) turns to cross the North Fork.

·        Woodstock Tower Road    

·        Chapman Landing Road- A popular access point for wade-fishermen and boaters. Plenty of parking in a flat gravel lot. A concrete ramp facilitates the launch of jon boats or aluminum jet boats.

·        Red Banks- Parking is on the corner of land between the river and Rte 11 north of the bridge.


 Mount Jackson-

·        South Jackson- Hand Launching access to river 

Photo courtesy of DebImage Photography

Photo courtesy of DebImage Photography

·        Meems Bottom Covered Bridge-Access is on the east bank under the Rte 720 covered bridge, on the route 11 side of the river. You’ll see a small gravel parking lot with railroad ties, and there are often large poultry manure piles on the other side other road, which also serves as the entrance to the kid’s corn maze.

·        Rudes Hill- Paved parking with under the bridge access. Hand launch through two gates. No swimming allowed at this access point. Please note this is a more difficult access point. The Meems Bottom Covered Bridge access one mile downstream is user friendly.


New MarketKayakers on river

·        North Fork at New Market- The parking for this access is at the corner New Market Depot Rd and Plains Mill Rd. Follow the path under the bridge to the river. This is hand launch only; good for wading and swimming.

·        Memorial Park- You will need to carry your boat 50 yards through the playground past the picnic shelter to reach the hand launch. This access is located at a public park and features a public swimming pool, picnic area, playground, ball field and public restrooms.