Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan contains information on the existing conditions and growth trends in the County, and makes policy recommendations for its general development, in accordance with the purpose set forth in the Code of Virginia. It provides a general guideline for future land uses, County facilities and County services that will be needed to support current and future citizens, and will guide and accomplish a “coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of the territory which will, in accordance with present and probable future needs and resources best promote the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of the inhabitants.” Download the full Plan here.

A hard copy of the Plan is available for review in the Office of Community Development, located at 600 North Main Street, Suite 107, Woodstock, Virginia, during regular business hours. In addition, it is available for review at the Shenandoah County Library in Edinburg and at all library branches.

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Listed below are individual chapters and maps from the Comprehensive Plan. To download a chapter, just click on the chapter title. Pop-ups must be enabled in order to view the chapters below. 

Introduction & Executive Summary

1. Regional Setting & History

1-A Regional Location Map

1-B Historic Resources Map

2. Natural Resources

2-A General Geology Map

2-B General Soil Map

2-C Hydrogeologic Survey of Shenandoah County Map

3. Land Use  *Updated 2014

4. Economy

5. Chapter 5 * UPDATED August 2016!

6. Housing

7. Community Facilities

Chapter 8 * UPDATED August 2016!

9. Growth Management

10. Implementation